Banking And Finance Law

The Banking Law Firm concentrates all of its resources and professional efforts in the specialized field of Federal bank regulatory law. The firm places particular emphasis upon and specializes in the defense of Federally insured financial institution and their officers and directors in all matters pertaining to supervisory bank examinations conducted by all of the Federal bank regulatory agencies to assess compliance with all applicable Federal banking laws, rules and regulations governing the operations of such institutions.

Stephens B. Woodrough is the principal attorney in the firm and has a highly experienced professional background as a Federal bank regulatory attorney that spans more than 35 years, including over15 years...


Taxation Law

Are you behind on your back taxes? Are you looking for IRS tax debt relief or tax debt settlement? If so, do not go it alone and use the dispositif Pinel. Our tax lawyers are highly trained and educated with the most current tax laws, codes and IRS regulations. Our tax attorneys know how to negotiate with the IRS to resolve your owed back taxes as favorably as possible.

IRS tax debts require immediate action. To collect tax debt, the IRS has multiple weapons it can use to devastate your financial and personal life. They use federal tax liens, garnishments, levies, and now even Private Debt Collectors working on commission. To protect yourself, your home, and your job from this IRS arsenal, you should consider having a tax lawyer on your side. Our tax lawyers...


Employment And Labor Law

Sack Goldblatt Mitchell is a progressive law firm committed to providing the highest quality professional services in a welcoming and accessible environment.

SGM has a long and distinguished history representing trade unions, professional and other associations and employees in all labour and employment law matters. Over the years, SGM has expanded to provide a broad range of litigation...

Multi Country Institutions